Building works in Normandy

A few photos taken yesterday, 7 June: the works on the old garage/shed/guestroom. The old roof has been removed along with the very shabby “lean-to” structure behind the garage and extra room. I used the old swing-set frame to build a little shelter for the mowers and other machines; I think I will continue to use this frame afterwards: I will either make a “do-it-yourself” greenhouse for forcing plantlings; or else use it for climbing roses that are shade-tolerant. There will be translucid windows on the old grill-shed area which used to be open to all the elements. It will now be a fully-closed area which will be good for storage of garden things, and can be used as a “winter garden” in the cold months for delicate plants.

There were many spiders that had to find another place to live. 🙂

20130607-IMG_9424 20130607-IMG_9425 20130607-IMG_9426 20130607-IMG_9427 20130607-IMG_9428 20130607-IMG_9429 20130607-IMG_9430 20130607-IMG_9431 20130607-IMG_9432 20130607-IMG_9433 20130607-IMG_9434 20130607-IMG_9435 20130607-IMG_9436 20130607-IMG_9437 20130607-IMG_9438

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