2 Replies to “Can you explain the missing square?”

  1. Easy. But I miss the words in English.
    Let’s try:
    – the ratio of Red triangle is 3/8 .
    – the ratio of Green triangle is 2/5 .
    – the ratio of the whole trianle should be 5/13 .
    3 different ratios.
    So, the surface of top triangle is: 3*8/2 + 2*5/2 + 3*5 = 32 though the surface of down triangle is: 3*8/2 + 2*5/2 + 2*8 = 33. Difference is 1 square.

  2. Just say that as the two triangles are different gradiants, one arrangement is concave and one arrangement is convex.

    The hole appears in the one which is convex.

    I spotted this by eye, but it’s easier to see by holding a ruler or straight edge against the screen.

    The two arrangements are deviant from the apparent ideal by 1/2 a unit square.

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